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Her musical journey began at birth. Born into a family of renowned Belarusian singers/musicians Valentina Parhomenko and Alexander Kozak, Olyia began her music career very early in life. She began her formal education in music at the age of 4 studying piano, composition, cymabli (traditional Belarusian instrument) and voice. "At 5 or 6, I remember just hearing symphonies in my head...and sometimes I would be so affected by the music, I would just cry." She recalls. Olyia began composing at the age of 6, and knew that she was meant to be on stage. She joined her parents on her first international tour at the age of 10, and soon after the family settled in New York, where the mix of global sounds and musical genres such as Rnb, Soul, Hip/Hop, Rock, Pop, Salsa, Reggae, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European music opened her mind and her heart to a whole new artistic world and largely shaped her musical development. She continued her formal studies in music, dance and acting, eventually finishing a B.A in Composition and the Performing Arts at Bard College, and obtaining Masters of Science in International Media from Georgetown University. She has performed at such venues as Lincoln Center, The United Nations and even recently spoke at Congress at an event Art Against Dictatorship. In 2012 she won First Place in the adult category of the International Singing Competition "Star Chance" with her song "Like Heaven."

Her songs are personal and real, coming from her own emotions and experiences, which allow her to connect with audiences worldwide, regardless of age, gender, race, or nationality. "Music and art is the most powerful language in the world, it reaches straight into your heart and emotions. It requires no explanation and is the foremost expression of human consciousness and truth. I believe that music is a powerful tool which unites and inspires all people. Music can create a revolution and movement which includes those looking for change in the world or themselves, I want my music to express humanity and love, and touch people in a pure and honest way, perhaps changing the world one note at a time.

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